The PAS ® is a self-reporting assessment that reports on your participant's dynamic factors, not their static factors. You now have their inner voice. They no longer can hide.

The PAS ® helps organizations who help disadvantaged populations become more prosocial and self-sufficient.

The PAS ® helps workforce development professionals identify and overcome employment barriers.

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The PAS ® helps criminal justice professionals transition from mass incarceration to rehabilitation.

The PAS ® helps treatment providers expedite their treatment interventions to achieve maximum effectiveness.

• Self-reporting assessment

• Written at 4th grade level

• Requires no training or scripted interview
• Can be administered by volunteer onsite or offsite multiple times
• Easily taken in 30-40 minutes
• Can be used to assess all populations –adult, young adult, and juvenile
• Rated as a 9.13 out of 10 in terms of ease of taking
• .84 reliable. Pilot testing both behind and beyond the bars
• Live customer support/consultation available

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The power of the PAS ® is its customized dynamic reporting

Additionally, the PAS ® measures in real-time if any internal change within your participants has occurred.

This helps you secure funding.

And, the PAS ® identifies individuals who could successfully work with disadvantaged populations.

It’s your shortcut to effective hiring!

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If you are an organization committed to transforming lives within disadvantaged populations…Right Time’s innovative PAS ® will improve your outcomes.

Right Time has developed a self-reporting assessment that integrates key internal elements that can be changed through intervention into customized, dynamic, and real-time reports. These dynamic reports will improve your decision making, better your resource allocation, and accelerate your intervention.

The PAS ® can also measure internal change in real time to help you find favorable funding. It can even help you hire the right people to work with your disadvantaged population.

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